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Washington Hazelnut LLC

Roasted In-Shell Hazelnuts

Roasted In-Shell Hazelnuts

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These delicious, lightly roasted, in-shell hazelnuts - also called filberts - are grown in our family's orchard in Washington State. The Yamhill variety is known for its rich flavor and high oil content. We lightly roast them to bring out that extra flavor and make them a little easier to crack. Our family grows, roasts, and packages the nuts ourselves. If you're looking for a real farm-to-table snack, this is it!
Each 4-pound resealable package will last 6 months or more. The 8-pound option will come in two 4-lb. resealable packages. We roast them in small batches to get you the freshest nuts possible. Great treat for your backyard squirrels or exotic birds too!

ALLERGENS: Hazelnuts.

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